Little Miracles

Since 1912 Children's Hospital & Research Center has been providing specialized healthcare for the children of Northern California. This outstanding medical center has performed "Little Miracles" on thousands of children from all backgrounds.

Here are some stories of our "Little Miracles":

Rowan Branches
Ciara Chow It was October 2000, Ciara was six months old and had been a perfectly healthy baby girl - up until then. One day she woke up with a 104 + fever that Tylenol or Motrin wouldn't lower, a transient rash on her tummy, swollen pink hands and bloodshot eyes. Read about Ciara Chow's "Little Miracle..."
Cali BrownsteinUntil my daughter Cali was born, I had not really given much thought as to what goes on every day in a hospital. And by that I mean not really appreciated the hard work and dedication of doctors and nurses that save lives and try to make things better every day. Read about Cali Brownstein's "Little Miracle..."
Lindsay KellerLindsay Keller was a very healthy 5 year-old girl. She had no symptoms of any sickness but at her annual well child check up tests had come back with some abnormalities. She had an unusually high number of red blood cells in her urine. After rechecking her urine several times we were referred to Dr. Bothelo, a nephrologist at Children's Hospital Oakland. Read about Lindsay Keller's "Little Miracle..."

Gregory WarringtonMy nephew, Gregory, was born in 2000 with multiple skeletal deformities and internal problems. Within hours of being born to my sister, Carol, Gregory became a life-long patient of Children's Hospital Oakland. Read about Gregory Warrington's "Little Miracle..."
Oliver NorthingOur second child, Oliver was born on November 15th 2002, a full-term 8lb baby. When Oliver was seven days old things started to change. He became sleepy and lethargic during the day and by 1 a.m., he refused to nurse at all and appeared very listless. Read about Oliver Northing's "Little Miracle..."
Morgan MahreMy 7-year-old daughter Morgan was home with what I thought was the flu. My son had been home with the flu for 5 days, so I thought Morgan was also coming down with the same illness. The strange thing about Morgan was that she was excessively thirsty and abnormally tired. Read about Morgan Mahre's "Little Miracle..."

Rowan Branches