Little Miracles

Rowan Branches

Lindsay Keller

Lindsay KellerLindsay Keller was a very healthy 5 year-old girl. She had no symptoms of any sickness but at her annual well child check up tests had come back with some abnormalities. She had an unusually high number of red blood cells in her urine. After rechecking her urine several times we were referred to Dr. Bothelo, a nephrologist at Children's Hospital Oakland.

We found the care at Children's Hospital to be amazing; from the check in receptionist, to the nuclear medicine technician who had the daunting task of talking Lindsay into taking radioactive medicine, to the warm and gentle doctor and staff. Throughout the entire process of diagnosis and treatment, Lindsay was never intimidated. We always felt that she was in the best hands possible.

It turned out that Lindsay has a rare genetic abnormality called "familial hematuria". This means that because of her DNA, she will always urinate blood. There are no health ramifications from this condition; she just needs to get checked yearly. Whew! We are so thankful to Children's Hospital Oakland and the wonderful care and caring they provided for my daughter and our family.

Rowan Branches